The legendary star is available online ? The limited-time login benefits of "Vive le Football" are coming!


The "Forward Test" continues to be popular, and the limited-time login benefits are added! Saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, NetEase's first self-developed realistic football game "Vive le Football" invites everyone to gather in the greenery and play simultaneously on PC, iOS and Android. In this test, many exciting activities and new gameplay are waiting for everyone to participate, and there is also the entry of World Footballer Van Basten. Now the limited-time login surprise is coming, and the benefits will be fully increased. Come online to receive it!

【Legendary players get online now】
From February 12th to 21st, log in to the game to receive generous benefits. Unlock [Star - De Ligt] in the public beta for everyone , the next test will also unlock [Legendary star - Van Basten], [Star - De Ligt], and add a chemical reaction between the two stars [ Orange Attack Orange Defense].
The "Best Team of the Season" challenge event will be launched simultaneously. Participate in the event from February 12th to 21st. After completing the first victory, you will immediately unlock [Star - De Ligt], [10 consecutive recruitment tickets], [100000 training cones], [100000] Career Experience] Multiple Gifts! During the "Forward Test" , complete the training of Van Basten 's ability value ( the ability value needs to be cultivated to 100), and you can directly obtain [Legendary Center - Van Basten] after the public test! In addition, Van Basten 's 30th debut bonus will be unlocked soon! Managers who have participated since the launch of the "Forward Test" on January 14th can start to unlock the [Van Basten Player Pack] one after another from February 12th, allowing you to train a legendary center more smoothly!

[Raiders video to develop the core]
In order to let the managers know more about Van Basten and give full play to the strength of this superstar, the current commentary program "The Word of Faith" by Vive le Football will lead managers to explore the world of the Prince of Ballet together. In this strategy video, Olivia introduced Van Basten 's training plan and instructions in detail, and deeply analyzed the details of training direction, formation coordination, player tactics, etc. Let everyone use the all-round strength of his outstanding world-class center to create an indispensable strong core for your team. So how to cultivate and use the Prince of Ballet Van Basten ? Let's find the answer in the strategy video together, and make the most of Van Basten's role in the game!

The "Forward Test" manager's qualifying mode allows everyone to become a team coach and a " tactician master" to experience the "coach's perspective" of strategizing and controlling the overall situation. Facing the tailor -made team AI, everyone needs to pass the tactical panel. Real-time adjustment, focusing on team and player tactics to control the direction of the duel on the field! In addition, the "Forward Test" will also open the [Best Lineup Challenge] for a limited time, and a new "Annual Team" voted by players will be added. Best Team". Everyone will have the opportunity to challenge and use this "luxury battleship" team full of experience!

The horn has sounded, and the superstar on the green field has appeared! The "Forward Test" continued to be popular, and the new manager qualifying game and league gameplay were well received. Managers , please go to the official website to download the game and join the bloody confrontation of "Vive le Football". Exciting activities are waiting for you to join, generous benefits and surprises are given out, and Van Basten invites you to ride the greenery with you and bring exclusive benefits.
With our faith in greenery, let us meet again in the passionate football world! You are welcome to follow the official Weibo, WeChat public account and official communication group of "Vive le Football" to get exclusive benefits and the latest information!
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About "Vive le Football"
<Vive le Football> is a Football sim-game developed by Netease with the FIFPro and China's national football team official licensing. The Next Gen Messiah game engine is dedicated to providing users with the most immersive football experience. Intelligent AI, precise & flexible movement, and tactic simulation will take you to the real football world. With the innovative gameplay, real-time league journey, create your pitch legend. The unique lobby hall and street mode will bring you the most diverse football game experience.