"Forward Test" Server Opening Announcement


Dear Manager, Hello everyone! The Forward Test is now open.
Thank you for your attention and support to "Vive le Football". The following are the instructions for downloading, logging in, and benefits of this test game, please know.
(This test version is still in the R&D and polishing stage, and the test content does not represent the final launch quality.)

◆Download opening hours:
1. PC: 11:00 on January 13
2. Mobile: 10:00 on January 14
3. Steam: 11:00 on January 14
◆Official server opening time: from 11:00 on January 14 (the specific test end time is subject to the latest official notice)
◆Test type: file deletion , no payment, limited;
◆Test platform: Android, iOS, PC

◆Game update and quality upgrade:
1. [New League Journey] allows players to create multiple independent league archives at the same time. In each archive, players can re-select a team to start a journey. At the same time, the new gameplay of transfer also allows players to form the lineup they want at will!
2. In the newly added [Manager Qualifying Match] gameplay, players will "incarnate" the team coach and adjust the tactics in real time on the tactics panel to control the battle situation on the field! Combined with the team AI tailored for him, we are committed to bringing players a "coach's perspective" to plan strategies and overview the overall situation!
3. [Street Ball Mode] has added a new stadium, which improves the scoring efficiency of [Connecting One Shot], and can show a more handsome shooting action!
4. [Operation feel] has been greatly optimized, bringing players a smoother operation feel and a smoother playing experience!
5. [Game picture quality] has also been greatly improved, including player model precision, lobby scene rendering, stadium lighting, depth of field, etc., trying to restore the most realistic and immersive football experience for players!

◆Activity and welfare: In order to let managers have a better experience in the green field, the development team has prepared the following activities and welfare:
1. During the test period, players will receive the [Van Basten Player Pack*4] through the sign-in reward and the newcomer activity plan. During the test period, players will complete Van Basten's "Limited Time Training Mission", and they will be able to obtain the [Legend] directly after the public test. Center - Van Basten;
coupons through the PC exclusive password after the server is opened (the password will be issued in the form of SMS, please pay attention to check it);
coupons after completing both PC and mobile logins ;
4. Sign-in rewards: During the test period, log in on the 7th to receive 30 consecutive recruiting coupons , 20 million euros (tokens), 80+ player packs*2, football king Ronaldo and legendary star Van Basten player packs;
5. Newcomer Program: During the test period, after completing the Newcomer Program, you can receive generous rewards such as massive recruitment tickets , high euros (tokens), and a large number of coupons .
6. [Year of the Tiger Star Player Pack]: 5 [Super Stars] who belong to the Tiger will be transformed into "special guests" to send New Year blessings to all players, and players will have the opportunity to obtain them directly through special passwords!
7. [Best Team Challenge]: We will add a [Best Team of the Year] voted by all players in the game. During the test, players will have the opportunity to challenge and use this experience to pull Full of "luxury battleships"!
Check-in reward details are as follows:

◆Test maintenance: Temporary maintenance may occur during the test. If the maintenance time is long, we will release the maintenance announcement synchronously, please wait patiently for the maintenance to complete.

To ensure a good experience for managers during testing, please read the following notes:
1. Privately sharing/trading accounts is strictly prohibited to avoid being deceived and some unnecessary losses;
2. It is strictly forbidden to use technical means to analyze, tamper, and attack the game client. Once found, we will permanently freeze or suspend the game account and other measures;
3. This test is a limited test for file deletion without payment. After the test, all data generated by the manager in the game will be deleted;
4. Managers on PC and Android can go to http://vlf.163.com/ or other game areas to download the game first after the download is started, and log in and register after the server starts on January 14th. Experience the game during the Forward Test.
VLF managers on the iOS side can go to the official website, fill in the recruitment questionnaire ( https://research-game.163.com/htmls/cpiydd/paper.html ) or participate in the official social media platform activities to obtain qualifications. Qualified managers will receive a qualification email from the TestFlight platform. At that time, please download TestFlight from the App Store, and use the activation code in the email to redeem the game test installation package to participate in the test.
*Managers who have obtained test qualifications through various activities need to use the registered NetEase Pass account to log in.
*The game package for this test is about 1.3G. It is recommended that you reserve about 3G of storage space for installation.

Thank you very much for your attention and support to "Vive le Football". This beta version is still in the research and development stage, and there will be some unavoidable problems in the current version during the experience. I hope that the managers of VLF will be more tolerant and understanding.
The growth of "Vive le Football" is inseparable from your experience and feedback. If you have any suggestions or feedback during the experience, please go to "Vive le Football" under the "Forward Test" joint research program or "Vive le Football Official Communication Group 1" (303819766 ), leave your valuable suggestions, the development team will carefully refer to the suggestions and solve your problems.

Belief never ceases! The forward does not stop! Thanks again for the support of the managers, and I hope that in the days to come, I can make progress together with you who also love the green field! The "Forward Test" is now open, please have fun, experience, and pass on your love!

January 14, 2021
"Vive le Football" Development Team