Forward Test starts tomorrow!


Countdown to the opening of <Vive le Football>!
There is only 1 day left in the countdown, and the "Forward Test" will start tomorrow! NetEase's first self-developed realistic football competitive game "Vive le Football", "Forward Test" will be grandly opened tomorrow (January 14), bringing a variety of gameplays such as league journey, story mode, 3V3 streetball, manager qualifying match, etc. This test will also usher in the first legendary star Van Basten, and invite you to ride the green field together and write a new football legend!

[Multiple benefits of the Forward Test, Van Basten will receive it immediately]
The "Forward Test" will be grandly opened tomorrow, and the first legendary star Van Basten will be on the stage. Multiple benefits are waiting for you. During the test period, exciting activities such as "Rook-ie Program" and "Daily Sign-in" will be full of benefits, and the legendary player Van Basten will be giv-en away for free after the managers go online!

In addition to adding Van Basten to your football dream team right away, managers can also get an exclusive [Van Basten Player Pack] during the "Forward Test" to fully increase his potential lim-it. Participate in sign-in activities to receive Van Basten benefits. Completing the newcomer program and reaching 130 active points can also get additional Van Basten benefits. Van Basten's initial ability value is 90 and his potential value is 97. After completing the "limited-time training task", he can in-crease Van Basten's potential value and cultivate his ability value to 100. During the public beta, he can directly obtain [Legendary Center - Van Basten]. Teng], let this world footballer accompany you in the world's top cup competitions and achieve brilliant records!

【Pre-download and start-up test experience on PC is one step faster】
The "Forward Test" will hit on time tomorrow, and the PC-side pre-download will be the first to open today. Adhering to the original intention of promoting football culture and restoring the real football world, "Vive le Football" is committed to creating a real football world full of details! Whether it is the flipping of the net, the light and shadow of the spotlight, the sweat on the players, or the grass on the jersey, every detail is carefully polished, and through the ultimate rendering of the Messiah next-generation engine, it presents a high-quality, immersive picture. Scenes. The game also uses a large number of 3D space animation mixing, precision attitude-driven inverse dynamics and motion capture technology, so that the player's movements are full of details and texture.
To feel the exquisite details on the court, enjoying the game on the PC side is undoubtedly a good choice. Dear VLF managers, do you want to go online faster? Want to experience the exquisite picture effect on the big screen? Want to get PC-exclusive rewards after the server is launched? Then log on to the official website of "Vive le Football" as soon as possible, and prepare for the PC pre-download in advance! Enter the redemption code [Starting Preparation 666] after the server starts, and you can di-rectly get the recruitment ticket*10!
At the same time, the pre-order on the Steam side is also hot! You can also get the test qualifications by searching for "Vive le Football" in the Steam store!
The forward is imminent, the legend is coming! The "Forward Test" of "Vive le Football" will be shocking tomorrow, and the test recruitment is in full swing. Managers who are enthusiastic about the green field, hurry up and seize the last chance to participate in the recruitment activities to obtain the qualifi-cation for the test!
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The countdown is 1 day, and tomorrow will usher in the "Forward Test" on time! With a common belief in greenery, let us meet again in the passionate football world. Exciting activities are waiting for you to join, generous benefits and surprises will be given out, and Van Basten invites you to ride the greenery together and bring exclusive benefits. You are welcome to follow the official Weibo, WeChat public ac-count and official communication group of <Vive le Football>to get exclusive benefits and the latest information!
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About <Vive le Football>
<Vive le Football> is a Football sim-game developed by Netease with the FIFPro and China's national football team official licensing. The Next Gen Messiah game engine is dedicated to providing users with the most immersive football experience. Intelligent AI, precise & flexible movement, and tactic simulation will take you to the real football world. With the innovative gameplay, real-time league journey, create your pitch legend. The unique lobby hall and street mode will bring you the most diverse football game experience.